Franka Matlab


Franka Matlab artifacts can be obtained at Franka World.


Franka Matlab is based on the Franka Control Interface (FCI) and specifically the libfranka C++ interface, therefore all the same system and network requirements apply.


The design of the current libraries and tools in the package take as a given that the build & execution will be performed in the same machine that is running the current Matlab session. Therefore when we use the term “deployment”, the local PC is targeted. Manual deployment to other target PCs is of course possible.

Franka Matlab contains the following main components for interfacing the Franka Emika Robot through Matlab & Simulink:

  • Simulink Franka Library, a set of simulink blocks for interfacing the Franka Emika Robot, for rapid-prototyping and evaluation of control algorithms.


Simulink Library for rapid-prototyping of controllers for the Franka Emika robot.

  • Matlab Franka Library, a set of helper matlab functions for reading current the robot state and applying some simple open loop motion commands.