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libfranka reference


Same error messages and advised troubleshooting as libfranka.

Issues with the graphics driver in Linux

NVIDIA’s graphics driver’s are not officially supported in Linux with Real-Time Kernel. This could cause issues in graphics renderings in Matlab and Simulink, e.g with figures and scopes respectively. We would then recommend starting matlab with the -softwareopengl for avoiding these issues:

$ matlab -softwareopengl

Issues with

It could be that Matlab throws an error related to after calling one of the matlab scripts of the franka-matlab library in a Linux environment. If that’s the case our current working solution involves renaming the precompiled libstdc++ library in the Matlab installation, which forces Matlab to look in the system for the proper dynamic standard library.

This can be performed with e.g:

$ mv matlabroot/sys/os/glnx64/ matlabroot/sys/os/glnx64/

Restarting Matlab is then recommended.